A Study on The Art of Wu Da-yuA Study on The Art of Wu Da-yu The Master of the First Generation of Chinese Modernism And His Influence by 濾桶Pedro Tseng (曾長生)Abstract Wu Da-yu (吳大羽,1903-1988) is considered the first pioneer of early oil painting and abstract art in china. In addition , he had cultivated many famous contemporary artists such 花蓮民宿as Wu guan-zhong, Zhao Wu-ji, Zhu De-gun, Min Xi-wen, Zhuang Hwa-yue, Zhao Chun-xiang and Li Lin-chan. Through enlightenment by Wu Da-yu , each artist established his personal painting style, and later created 負債整合his own place in the art world, providing Zhao Wu-ji’s comment that Wu was an excellent teacher who specialized in enlightening students. In his early years, Wu Da-yu studied in France , and became very familiar 酒店打工with the art of Cezanne, Picasso and Matisse. After he came back to China , he was appointed director of the western art department at the National Art College in Hang Zhou. He and Lin Feng-meng were the teachers 設計裝潢who both protected and supported students’s “new school of paintings”. Wu had developed a new land for the field of Chinese paintings from the 20’ s to the 30’ s. As in environment of the Cultural 銀行利率Revolution, Russian art and the influence of wars, Chinese art had faced the impact of Western culture, Wu Da-yu was brave to abandon academic principles to express the strong modern feeling. His works are filled 節能燈具with the passionate color of Fauvism, ironic sense of Expressionism and in the intellect of Cubism etc. Perhaps, we can call his special style “Intuitive Cubism”. Although numerous art pioneers of the first 汽車借款generation had a similarly difficult life to Wu Da-yu, he was the most miserable. This study attempts to explore Wu Da-yu’s career background, his art evolution and new teaching idea that had influenced on 室內設計Chinese Modernism. Keywords: Wu Da-yu(1903-1988), Paris School , Modernism, Wu Da-yu Phenomenon, Intuitive Cubism

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